About Us

Many people come into our store and still don’t know the background of Abigail’s. ❤️🍫🍭. My husband Scott Smith and I opened up Powell’s Sweet Shoppe in 2007. It was a small franchise predominantly located in the Bay Area.  We bought the rights to the Clovis area and were welcomed by our supportive community. ❤️❤️Seeing the smiles on both adults and children alike was and is still the most rewarding feeling! We have heard many stories from our loyal customers about a special memory that one of our treats has brought. We have enjoyed many family and friends visiting our store for birthdays, graduations and other celebrations.  We have had first dates, turned into marriage proposals and many returning on their anniversaries and bringing their children in to see us!

Our customers have also seen our family grow and be blessed by our two beautiful children Abigail and Jake. 🙏🏻🙏🏻Sometimes you can find them running around the store as giddy as one can be when your parents own a candy store!  After ten years of owning a Powell’s Sweet Shoppe the franchise sold and very soon after the franchise collapsed. None of the stores resigned and we were left to rename our store. We decided to name our store after our beautiful and fun loving daughter Abigail.  Although we changed the name and the colors from a bright green to a beautiful pink and brown nothing else has changed in our store.
We still strive to carry a variety of sweets and treats and keep the retro and novelty feeling along with the high quality of gourmet goodies we have always carried. In May we celebrated 13 years in the same location and look forward to many more years. We appreciate the love and support from our community and hope to be able to continue to support our schools, nonprofits and other small businesses in the future! Thank you to all our customers who have and continue to support us throughout the years! We appreciate you!